Basic Shaping High waisted thigh slimmer

What we love about it

  • A concise range with a universal feminine need: to SLIM the figure with full invisibility. These
  • shaping products create the appearance of a smoother, slimmer and firmer figure. They
  • guarantee the wearer comfort throughout the day, while remaining perfectly invisible under
  • tight-fitting garments. Clean cut, roll-resistant satiny nylon knit. Heat sealed technology
  • Body shaper rising under the bust and descending halfway along the thighs
  • Product constructed with many support areas specially designed to reshape the figure
  • A band of silicone at the waist to hold the body shaper in place all day long
  • Consumer benefits:
  • For women seeking to slim and reproportion their figures overall
  • Ideal under a dress or a body-hugging outfit, or on a daily basis under a pair of trousers
  • Product action:
  • Overall, reduces and smooths bulges from under the bust to mid-thigh
  • 1. flattens the stomach,
  • 2. slims down the waist (without constricting the abdomen),
  • 3. diminishes love handles and saddlebags,
  • 4. firms the buttocks area,
  • 5. shapes the thighs (inner and outer)

Color: Black

Size : Available up to 46